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James Dashner
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James Dashner   James Dashner is the author of The Maze Runner, The 13th Reality, and the Jimmy Fincher Saga. His novel The Journal Of Curious Letters was chosen for a 2008 Borders Original Voices pick, and Kirkus Reviews selected The Maze Runner as one of the best young adult books of 2009.

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This episode originally aired on 12/10/2009 with the following authors:
Note: The following interview has been transcribed from The Author Hour radio show. Please excuse any typos, spelling and gramatical errors.

Interview with James Dashner

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Bonus Question(s) that Didn't Air on the Live Radio Show

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Matthew Peterson: Let me ask you a bonus question real quick.

James Dashner: Okay.

Matthew Peterson: We talked a little bit about breaking in to the publishing industry. Whatís some of the advice you would give to a new author whoís trying to break into the publishing industry?

James Dashner: I think, by far, the most valuable thing you can do is go to writers conferences. Thereís so many great organizations, so many great conferences. And almost every leap Iíve made in my career I can trace it back to some kind of connection I made at a conference. So you know, thereís agents and editors always come to these things. You meet other authors. The way I got my agent was actually through another author that I met.

Matthew Peterson: Hmm.

James Dashner: So those connections, combined with the obvious, you know, working on your craft as much as you can, I think thatís very, very valuable.

Matthew Peterson: Thatís how I got my first agent. I got Barbara Bova, whoís Orson Scott Cardís agent. Unfortunately, I was right in the thick of things, still getting my rights back and I didnít have a second book or anything and we went our separate ways. So, Iím agentless.

James Dashner: Well, you just . . . yeah, keep looking and youíll get it, youíll get it.

Matthew Peterson: Yeah. I have my eyes on a couple of them. Whoís your agent?

James Dashner: His nameís Michael Bourret. Heís with Dystel & Goderich.

Matthew Peterson: Ah, okay.

James Dashner: Heís incredible. Certainly changed my life forever, so . . .

Matthew Peterson: And why has he changed your life? Why would you say get an agent? Whatís the big deal with agents?

James Dashner: You know, heís in New York City; heís having lunch with editors all the time, very people friendly; he knows the industry inside and out and you know, when he signed me on, he took the measure. I was actually only a proposal: 50 pages and a synopsis, and he sold it to Random House in three weeks. And he got a really good deal. So heís done things that I could have never ever done on my own.

Matthew Peterson: Yeah, Ďcause you as an author without an agent, you canít even talk to Random House, let alone get a book deal in three weeks.

James Dashner: Oh, yeah.

Matthew Peterson: Yeah, exactly. Agents, they do take a little cut of your money, but itís far better, because youíre going to get a lot more because of the agent.

James Dashner: Yeah, theyíre worth every single penny you pay them.

Matthew Peterson: Yep.

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